Marcellus and Eagle Ford Well Highlights

Marcellus and Eagle Ford Well Highlights

Chesapeake Energy in Marcellus (2019-04-10)

Chesapeake Appalachia completed new well Adams 2H in Wyoming, Pennsylvania

Adams 2H tested April 10 for 25,986 MMcf of gas over 24 hours. Adams 2H is reported to have a vertical depth of 7,788 ft and a measured depth of 16,944 ft. The 9,156 ft lateral is perforated from 8,025 ft to 16,809 ft with 34 stages. Frac, flowback, directional, and casing vendors are BJ Service, Falcon Flowback Services, Halliburton, and Pipeco Services.

Southwestern Energy completes 85 stage well in Marcellus

Southwestern Energy completed a new well in Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania.

Drilled to a measured depth of 21,810 ft, new gas well Gremmel 2H reportedly produced 19,700 MMcf of gas April 21. The Gremmel 2H was drilled to a vertical depth of 6,629 ft with a 15,181 ft lateral length. SWN listed US Well Services, Baker Hughes, and Fort Worth Pipe Services as vendors for frac, directional, and casing.

Marathon completes 3 wells in Eagle Ford (2019-04-06) (2019-04-16)

New well Nitsch Unit A 3H was completed April 6 as the 16th producing well on a 564 acre lease in Live Oak, Texas. It produced 857 bbl of oil, 9,397 MMcf of gas, and 791 bbl of water on its April 9 test date after a 48 hour preflow for a monthly production of 72,695 boe. Marathon drilled Nitsch Unit A 3H to a vertical depth of 12,811 ft with a 5,701 ft lateral.

Marathon also completed duo wells Retzloff Tom-May PSA B 2H and Retzloff Tom-May PSA C 3H on a 589 acre lease April 16 in Atascosa, Texas. Both wells tested by flowing and are equipped with downhole actuation sleeves.

Retzloff Tom-May PSA B 2H was drilled to a vertical depth of 10,804 ft with a 7,331 ft lateral. It produced 1,636 bbl of oil and 1,727 MMcf of gas with 28 choke size for a monthly production of 7.8 boe monthly per lateral foot. Actuation pressure was 9,705 PSIG and production interval from 11,182 ft and 18,001 ft.

Retzloff Tom-May PSA C 3H flowed 2,032 bbl of oil and 1,713 MMcf of gas from 11,157 ft to 17,989 ft, producing 2,317.5 boe over 24 hours. Marathon utilized acidic fracture treatment and reported a vertical depth of 10,584 ft and a lateral length of 7,534 ft. Actuation pressure was 9,681 PSIG.

BKV Operating in Marcellus (2019-04-15)

Susquehanna based BKV Operating completed a gas well in Wyoming, Pennsylvania.

BKV drilled the Mirabelli Unit Mirabelli 3H to a vertical depth of 7,900 ft with a measure depth of 12,450 ft. The 4,550 ft lateral lengthwas perforated from 8,497 ft to 12,145 ft with 23 stages. It produced 2,524 MMcf of gas over 24 hours on April 19. BKV listed Halliburton and Cougar Pipe Company as vendors for frac and casing.

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