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Energent Group Improve Oilfield Taking Those Three Assets from Good to Great

Taking Those Three Assets From Good to Great

This is the second article in a five-part series. Now that you have your three assets identified, it’s time you took them to the next level. These are your assets which are already running smoothly and earning you revenue. The big question that remains, is what can be done to clean up your process and systems with these three assets, so not only are they your highest earners, but they require the least amount of time and maintenance to keep them...

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Energent Group Turning Your Oil Field Into A Well-Oiled Machine

Turning Your Oil Field Into A Well-Oiled Machine

This is the first article in a five-part series. I like to talk a lot about mobile technology as it relates to the gas and oil industry. The great thing is, most people agree with the view that mobile technology is the next big thing in our industry, but they either haven’t embraced it yet, or are confused on how to implement it all effectively.It’s an excellent question and a common concern. People are receptive to mobile technology and the improvements it...

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