Permian Focus: Drilling Permits Down in Permian From Last Week

Permian Focus: Drilling Permits Down in Permian From Last Week

Permit activity in the Permian Basin has felt a steep decline since October 2014, correlating to the decline of completion and rig activity in the area. This past week, there were a total of 89 permits in the Permian, with 57 of them being horizontal and 27 of them being vertical (down from this past week’s 107 permits).



Upton County continues permit activity, as it is the top county for the week, up +6 from last week’s 12 permits.

Most Active Permian Counties

  • Reagan with 7 horizontal permits, down -6 from last week’s 13.
  • Upton with 18 permits, up +6 from 12 last week.
  • Loving with 9 horizontal permits up +7 from last week’s 2.
  • Glasscock with 4 permits down -5 from 9 last week.
  • Reeves with 10 permits, +1 from last week’s 9 permits.
  • Midland with 7 permits, +1 from last week’s 6 permits.


Most Active Operators in Permian

  • Pioneer Natural Resources permitted 16 wells, primarily in Upton county
  • Laredo Petroleum issued 4 drilling permits
  • Chevron permitted 4 wells
  • Apache issued 4 drilling permits

Last week, Pioneer Natural Resources issued another permit for the University 3-19 lease in Upton county. On this same lease last year, Pioneer completed a 9,946 foot lateral with a 18,950 total measured depth nearby this latest drilling permit. The University 3-19 45H well used over 9 million pounds of proppant and 238,000 pounds of POLYfrac Plus gelling agent. The image below shows the overview of the frac job.


Permian Summary Chart


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