Market research done for you

For oilfield marketing and sales teams, Energent Group’s strategic marketing and sales support service provides actionable information to the right person at the right time. No more sifting through 50 page reports and spreadsheets.


Unlike other market research companies, Energent provides a complete view of the market with the data, information, research, and sales tools in an easy to use way for your entire team.


Drilling and completion market data makes much more sense when you combine the information with your internal performance metrics. We help you understand how rig movement, operator efficiency, and other market data impacts your service performance and metrics.

  • Market Research

    • Track drilling, completion, and frac markets
    • Analyze supply and demand
    • Provide operator summaries for  teams
    • Monitor operators in specific plays
  • Sales Planning

    • Review your customer’s buying process
    • Prioritize top sales opportunities
    • Understand contraints and resources
    • Estimate corporate and field sales needs
  • Dashboards

    • Visualize internal or market D&C data
    • Assess key industry trends
    • Review drilling activity across basins and plays
    • Provide web-based interactive executive dashboards
  • Benchmarking

    • Identify service performance measures
    • Compare service to selected peers
    • Interpret peer performance
    • Monitor competitor trends and activity

Operator and market insights delivered daily

You choose how often and when you receive the market data and reports. Save time and energy by receiving the information you need, when you need it.  Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly or monthly tailored drilling permit, rig, completion, or frac reports
  • Quarterly or monthly operator profiles that highlight key activities for only the plays or basins you need
  • Quarterly or monthly conference calls to get actionable tips on oilfield trends
  • Quarterly top operators by selected play or basin
  • Training and onboarding for each new sales or marketing team member
  • Custom executive dashboards tailored to your needs


If you have any questions, please contact us directly at 713-936-9290 or