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What is the geographic data coverage?

We have nationwide coverage on frac data in the US. Along with Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, & Louisiana, we are on track to add daily drilling & completion activity for all the top shale plays. These include Niobrara, Marcellus, Utica, SCOOP, TMS, & more.

Do you have frac data, such as who supplies sand, water, and other chemicals?

Yes, we have national coverage for shale frac data in the US. Hydraulic fracture job information includes proppant, water, guar, and other chemicals used to frac.

Do you have oil, gas, and water production data?

Yes, we do have production data for custom projects. The well production data is currently not included in our plans but may be requested on an ad-hoc basis.

Do you have sand facility or SWD sites?

We have 1,500+ sand facility sites. Although they are not currently included in our plans, we expect them to be added shortly.

Do you provide any information for supply chain or logistics?

Yes, you can utilize our market activity reports to forecast and estimate proppant, casing, and acid demand based on the well and frac data. Your logistics and operations team in the field can get directions to the well location and record field notes to track job details and comments alongside the well information.

When is the data refreshed?

Our objective is to have the data refreshed on a daily basis or as soon as it’s published.

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