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Are there really 4,000 DUC’s in the Permian? There might be less than you think.

How does Energent methodology compare to that of EIA?To many analysts and investors who monitor energy sector, drilled-but-uncompleted well (DUC’s) counts are an important metric along with CAPEX plans, acreage grades, and regional risk factors that might affect the production level in the near-term. As E&P’s increasingly focus on optimizing field development through multi-well pad drilling in a factory style[1], it is important to understand how this phenomenon could impact the DUC’s going forward. Energent’s undertaking begins with a well-by-well...

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Horizontal Rigs Stay Flat While Vertical Rigs Drop -10.1%

The BHI land rig count declined -0.8% to 827 rigs from last week's 834. The decline this week stems from the vertical rig count, which dropped 11 rigs or -10.1% from last week's 109 rigs. The horizontal rig count stayed flat at 666 rigs and the directional rig count jumped +4 rigs to 63 from last week's 59. The Eagle Ford sank this week by -7 rigs, 4 of which were oil rigs and 3 were gas. Basins with one...

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