Well Highlights from Marcellus, Eagle Ford, & Williston

Crescent Point Completions

Well Highlights from Marcellus, Eagle Ford, & Williston

EQT completes 3 mile lateral well in Marcellus (2019-01-03)

EQT reported two completions on a multiple well pad in Washington county, Pennsylvania. Haywood Mon110H24 and Haywood Mon110H25 were completed on January 3 and tested January 7. The H24 produced 15,565 MMcf of gas on its 38 stage lateral with a vertical depth of 7,332 ft. The H25 was drilled to 7,304 ft with a 129 stage 18,450 ft lateral length. Both wells use frac material provided by FTSI International, perforations by GR Energy Services, and drill out services by Mountain State Pressure Services.

The Cogar 592747, drilled on a separate pad in Washington, Pennsylvania, produced 15,341 MMcf of gas. Its 35 stage lateral was drilled to 5,935 ft with perforations from 8,471 ft to 13,299 ft.  It has a vertical depth of 7,621 ft and a measured depth of 3,556 ft. Frac horsepower was provided by Keane and cementing by BJ Cement Services.

Crescent Point Energy completes duo in Williston (2019-01-03) and (2019-01-04)

Crescent Point Energy reported two completions in the Williston in Williams county, North Dakota. Compared to the wells completed in a 5 mile radius in 2018, they are among the top 3 performing Crescent Point Energy new wells.

Crescent Point Completions

2018 Crescent Point Energy Completions & CPEUSC Elena 4-22-157N-100W MBH (2018-01-03) & CPEUSC Lloyd 3-27-34-157-100W MBH (2018-01-04)

The CPEUSC Elena 4-22-15-157N-100W MBH, completed January 3, is a horizontal well drilled to a vertical depth of 10,052 ft with a 10,767 ft lateral starting 383 S 328 E from the wellhead. It is perforated from 10,458 ft to 20,069 ft and produced 739 bbl of oil and 394 MMcf of gas during its 24 hour well test for a monthly production of 2.24 boe per lateral foot.

The CPEUSC Lloyd 3-27-34-157-100W MBH was completed January 4 with a vertical depth of 10,171 ft and a lateral length of 11,216 ft.  The well produced 480 bbl of oil, 126 MMcf of gas and 682 bbl of water. The lateral starts 106 S 968 E from the wellhead with perforations from 10,569 ft to 20,611 ft.

Killam Oil near Eagle Ford (2019-01-03)

Killam Oil completed natural gas well C.M. Hall ‘A’ 23ST in Starr county, Texas. Drilled to a vertical depth of 9,026 and a measured depth of 9,122, this directional well produced 21 bbl of oil, 1,205 MMcf of gas and 40 bbl of water at production intervals from 8,800 to 8,810 ft and 8,786 to 8,792 ft. Base fluid was provided by Killam and proppant and pressure pumping by Halliburton.

Tidal Petroleum uses 100 mesh, 40/70 and 30/50 sand in Eagle Ford (2018-01-11)

An Eagle Ford well was completed by San Antonio based Tidal Petroleum in Karnes, Texas.

The KJ 1H was drilled to a vertical depth of 10,708 ft and a measured depth of 16,147 ft. It tested January 21 with an IP of 1,440 bbl of oil, 1,838 MMcf of gas and 2,304 bbl of water using a 28/64 choke size and 1,100 PSI flowing tubing pressure. Patterson-UTI Energy provided proppant and pressure pumping, stimulating the KJ 1H with slickwater and crosslink gel.


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