Well Highlights from Permian, Marcellus, Midcon and Eagle Ford

Well Highlights from Permian, Marcellus, Midcon and Eagle Ford

Calyx Energy completes multiple 2-mile laterals in MidCon (2019-01-17) (2019-01-18) (2019-01-21)

Tulsa, Oklahoma based Calyx Energy reported three completions in McIntosh, Oklahoma in late January. The latest Schrute Farm wells are drilled in a different county than Calyx Energy usually operates; the majority of past Calyx Energy wells have been drilled in the Hughes, Okfuskee and Payne counties. Thus far, initial production rates in McIntosh are significantly lower than those in other counties.

Schrute Farms 1-16-28CH produced 358 MMcf of gas. It is drilled to a vertical depth of 4,202 ft with a 12,145 ft lateral length perforated from 4,324 ft to 16,469 ft.

Drilled to a measured depth of 16,201 ft with an 11,771 ft lateral length, the Schrute Farms 1-16-4ch produced 818 MMcf of gas over a 24 hour period.

Schrute Farms 1-17-5CH tested January 21 with an IP rate of 150 MMcf of gas. It was drilled to a vertical depth of 3,780 ft and treated with an acidic stimulation along its 11,737 ft lateral length. The Schrute Farms 1-17-5CH is perforated from 4,332 ft to 16,069 ft.Midcon Calyx Energy Completions

EOG in Delaware Basin (2019-01-16)

A completion was reported by EOG in the Delaware side of the Permian Basin in Lea county, New Mexico.

The Colgrove 35 Federal Com #706H is an oil well drilled in the upper Wolfcamp trend. It flowed 4,423 bbl of oil, 5,408 MMcf of gas, and 12,040 bbl of water, producing a gas-oil ratio of 1,223 Kcf/bbl and a monthly boe of 159,730 boe. EOG drilled the Colgrove 35 Federal Com #706H with a 12,513 ft vertical depth and 24 stage 7,403 ft lateral length for a measured depth of 19,916 ft.

Range Resources reports 45 stage lateral in Marcellus (2019-01-17)

The Jeffries Elisabeth 11512 12H is a horizontal gas well with perforations from 8,654 ft to 17,143 ft along its 9,958 ft lateral with a measured depth of 17,266 ft. Vendors include Halliburton and C&J Spec Rent Services provided cementing, US Steel casing, and Baker Hughes Directional. Pressure pumping and proppant was supplied by ProFrac.

Marathon in Eagle Ford (2019-01-20)

The Foster Unit 11H, completed on a 10 well pad in Karnes Texas, flowed 1,494 ft bbl of oil, 6994 MMcf of gas, and 729 bbl of water with a 1.75 inch choke size and .750 dry gas gravity.  Hydraulic fracturing and proppant was provided by U.S. Well Services with an actuation pressure of 10,338 PSIG. Innospec Oilfield Services provided defoaming agents, friction reducers, and scale inhibitors.


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